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Los Angeles Malnutrition & Elder Neglect Lawyer

How Malnutrition is Related to Nursing Home Negligence

An elderly person will typically seek the assistance of a nursing home when he or she can no longer safely care for him or herself. It is the nursing home's legal responsibility to provide residents and patients with a standard level of care, and this includes ensuring they receive proper nutrition. Unfortunately, not all nursing homes provide proper care in ensuring their patients eat enough food that is of good quality to ensure nutritional value. Due to budgeting concerns or understaffing, a facility may not provide enough food to its residents or may provide food that is of such poor quality that it does not provide adequate nutrition.

If you have noticed weight loss, lethargy or any other significant changes in your elderly loved one who is in the care of a Los Angeles nursing home, contact Pacific Attorney Group today. An elder neglect lawyer at our offices can talk to you about your concerns and your options in filing a nursing home negligence claim against the facility for your loved one's injuries.

What Causes Malnutrition

As it is, older adults may have trouble absorbing all the nutrients they need. They may also have mechanical difficulty eating, such as with chewing or swallowing. They may even experience decreased appetite in their later years, but the nursing home caregivers should still work to make sure that their patients receive proper nutrition in their daily diet or with additional supplements if necessary. Not enough food, poor food quality, or a lack of vitamins or supplements may all cause malnutrition over time, and in severe cases starvation may be an issue.

To schedule a free consultation regarding malnutrition and potential neglect, contact a Los Angeles nursing home negligence attorney at our firm today.


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