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Elder Abuse Lawyer Serving Los Angles

Burns and a number of other physical injuries may be associated with elder abuse or nursing home abuse. It is typically warranted to suspect that elder abuse has occurred if your elderly loved one has suspicious-looking burns or if a caregiver cannot reasonably explain how your loved one was injured. Although the personnel at the nursing home may be quick to say that a burn was an accident, it is important to look further into these matters. This is particularly relevant if burns are recurring or if they are suspicious in nature: i.e. cigarette burns, burns in regular patterns, etc.

Burns in a nursing home or assisted living facility may also be associated with negligence as well as with intentional abuse. For example, scalding hot bath water, coffee or tea may cause serious burns and extensive pain to an elderly victim. Elderly people seek residence in a nursing home because they can no longer effectively care for themselves, and caregivers at these facilities therefore have an obligation to look out for the safety of their patients and residents. Drawing a bath that is too hot or providing food or tea that causes severe burns may be examples of negligent conduct that may lead to a burn injury.

Los Angeles Burn Injury Claims & Elder Abuse or Negligence

If negligence or intentional wrongdoing caused your loved one's burn injuries, this may be grounds to hold the nursing home legally accountable. You may therefore have the right to file a claim against the facility to seek financial damages for the injuries your elderly loved one sustained. This can help with medical care, plastic surgery, and other forms of treatment to reduce scarring and prevent complications.

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